Je T’aime

Impotent under the burden of affection, That day terminated her term Of selfless AMOUR. Establishment of a higher identity  Grabbed her attention. She equated the oceans to love- Boundless as it was already, Disastrous now it seemed, Innocuous it was Purity was reflected eternally Deathly it meant. Still, wasn't it so very MAGNETIC? Not many… Continue reading Je T’aime


Our Bricks

‚Äč"Liebe bedeutet Erfolg!" Laughed the world. He was termed gierig and egoistisch. He wasn't surmising to be isolated, To be called when needed. Blunder! Was being ambitious a blunder? Was it to proove so disastrous As to make him reclusive enough? He knew the salience Of friendships and relations. The avidity to achieve has always… Continue reading Our Bricks


Pretty were those monochromatic days.  How could days be monochromatic? Yes, they were. A single colour could light up my day and make it dynamic. Demands were confined, but they provided indefinite composure. Next, modulations occurred, which drove me through a land of destined happiness to the urge to achieve. The exorbitant desire to be estimated… Continue reading Wrecked


How many of us will like to sit and talk with each other? We are too busy, right!! Busy in this world of materialistic drama and fake emotions. Emotions attached with a simple conversation are now lost due to written texts. You don't get to know my reactions to your messages. Will your enthusiasm to… Continue reading Lost