I am suffering from adomania. Everyone is in a haste and I can see endless deserted roads stretching far before me. Time calls me to run faster, I fear to move forward faster than my pace. The clock is nefarious. Ephemeral existence of the day has shackled me. Jouska has left me with queries demystified. It is never late until semidarkness sets in quite swiftly. I can see success coruscating finely in the distance, and in between lies the barrier of time and timelessness. Something which seems a barrier but is actually the bridge to success and leisure.

Sometimes I cannot restrict myself from philosophy. Understanding life fascinates me. After I win or lose the war with myself every night, I find myself hebetudinous. Trying to unfurl the enigma behind the clock, at times I betray myself into deeming that patience wins. I cannot state the exactitude of this statement.

Had I been able to hold on to time as I can hold my patience!!!

Sighing, but I believe that hope is what has kept me awake to proceed with zeal and courage. Let zenith be virtual and hard work be never ending. That’s what keeps us aware. Something which makes this journey with time worth happening.

Even after time being the one of the dimensions, I discovered it to be quite abstract. I cannot catch hold of it and neither can I let it go. A wanky juxtaposition of the existing and non-existing rumours my brain. Maybe the spirits at night exhilarate my cerebral, when I don’t experience timelessness. The most powerful thing maybe, which controls all what happens and plays games to show what future can mean. Time doesn’t indicate beginning or end. It just shows the continuation of various processes after metamorphosis.

Why does this feeling of things slipping away haunt me? These infinite dreams find no place in front of TIME. Prodigious time dictates the macrocosm. Adjuvant sometimes, and turpitude otherwise. We are so minute before time that the thought of vengeance doesn’t strike us. Eleutheromania haunts me, and I keep striving to attain more, believing that time does what is needed. After playing the role of a prelapsarian daily, guilt permeates my integument, absquatulating me in doubt and horror. Terrific deductions race into my mind, making me lose control over the PRESENT. Time fades before I can catch it. Incredulous! Just that I can never rule time…


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