Je T’aime

Impotent under the burden of affection,

That day terminated her term

Of selfless AMOUR.

Establishment of a higher identity 

Grabbed her attention.

She equated the oceans to love-

Boundless as it was already,

Disastrous now it seemed,

Innocuous it was

Purity was reflected eternally

Deathly it meant.

Still, wasn’t it so very MAGNETIC?

Not many had an answer.

The world would demystify ‘silence’,

Whenever she had a query-

That was why her questions

Were still pending,

And she thought she was mistaken.

How defenseless!!!

Building on herself made sense,

The rest seemed so frivolous.

She urged to dissolve into reality.

Grievously, she felt stuck

In the thick of existence

The one which never signified truth.

Metaphorical existence!

The state was not named bewilderment,

It was idiosyncracy-

When her incorrigible yore called her

But she wished to escape 

Into the pleasantries of her forthcoming.

Forward‘ was what she was taught,

And that was what could aid her.

She was determined to jump

Into that enchantment again,

If days didn’t forbid her.

Blunder?? It would be 

If she did not regain trust-

On humanity and on love.

Bygones were sour,

But that couldn’t pulverize her.

Emotions weren’t sealed up 

Her anticipation augmented.

More of a delicate person

To a tenacious individual

She said-



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