Our Bricks

​”Liebe bedeutet Erfolg!”

Laughed the world.

He was termed gierig and egoistisch.

He wasn’t surmising to be isolated,

To be called when needed.


Was being ambitious a blunder?

Was it to proove so disastrous

As to make him reclusive enough?

He knew the salience

Of friendships and relations.

The avidity to achieve has always

Gone through tough treatment.

Greed? No.

He was focused.

Barred were liaisons

In the cupboard of misunderstandings.

His friends distanced

As they designated him to be cocky.

The society challenged him.

Ironical how approbations are showered

When successful

And how the journey to success 

Seems immaterial!

Hopes reached extremity.

Mystified were the inferences of society.

Loneliness haunted him

But praises infused his achievements.

Sluggishly his identity

of a friend was dissolved.

Should desires be slaughtered?

Are medals not bewitching?

Hungry for success,

He never lost track.

Loving success found momentary euphoria



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