Pretty were those monochromatic days. 

How could days be monochromatic? Yes, they were.

A single colour could light up my day and make it dynamic. Demands were confined, but they provided indefinite composure. Next, modulations occurred, which drove me through a land of destined happiness to the urge to achieve. The exorbitant desire to be estimated equivalent to my peers now infused my blood.
I was determined to spoilate the puerile ‘me’. My indentity was sluggishly evaporating into the ideas around. This was the trend of ‘growing up’. I NEEDED more.
More attention, more desires!! Instantly, they were inconsiderate. As years passed those desires did grow. I was trying to fabricate a world having virtual blessedness. Inferences and objectives were drifting swiftly. The track they trailed was erroneous. I was so merged in the lately built world of fantasy, that I flopped dreadfully in realising this.
It was quite spooky as to how honestly had I wrecked myself.

Now realisation dawned upon me as to how stupid it was of me to be enchanted by the fictitious luminosity of this dramatic cosmos. I am unaware as to how I was lured into this disastrous puddle, which had snatched away the domination I had over myself. Those days manipulated my tender mind into donating my ipseity. I am pleased that I am out of Utopia. It happened so that deep down my self-introspection abilities were not crucified, though I had gone astray. These occurances are basic modes which nourish our experiences. Many of us might have already savoured such circumstances and have moulded their personality to uphold their concise existence.
Ornamented with fervent personality, I take pride in unfurling my dogmas before you. I cannot be swayed away facilely by the rainbow which encloses me. I stay inert to the fantasy around. I find my uniqueness to be worth eyeteeth. The hesitation to enunciate is evanescent. Redefining my priorities makes me feel elated.

via Daily Prompt: Infuse


3 thoughts on “Wrecked

  1. “The exorbitant desire to be estimated equivalent to my peers now infused my blood.”
    An age-old play that threatens to wreck us all. Beautiful piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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