Complicated Decision

Success or knowledge? What if we could have only one?

It turned out to be the MOST exhaustive choice for me. 

Any of us if given the following preferences would choose ‘knowledge’, but what if we resided in a world where knowledge would NOT point to success?


Could we still adjust to the fact of knowledge without success? 

The above sentences seem very self-seeking. It is not that we are insatiate. The kind of love we have for our work has various dimensions. We have failed to get the hang of those dimensions in all the past years. We have interpreted whatever was decipherable. What about the latent personality of an individual? Many a times the individual himself or herself is unable to figure out the ultimate passion. The way the present generation has visualised life has been misapprehended to be egotistical. There are two kinds of people. People who enjoy the journey and urge for it to be longer and others who cherish the destination. Anyhow, both the journey and the destination are awfully crucial.

What defines us is, how we envisage each phase of our life! We demand exorbitance. It’s not being greedy. Or are we not immersed enough in our field of interest? Faced with any of the following circumstances, each one of us is bound to get perplexed. Remember when we would earn chocolates for each of our achievements. We still do earn, but mature ones in the form of RESULTS. The aftermath has always been the driving force for working hard.

Egocentric beings!! We are not so. It’s just that our path of hunting for happiness oscillates as our life progresses. We need basic amenities to lead a happy life. It is not that money brings happiness. It has been termed inapt. Money brings ASSURANCE. The assurance of fulfilling our inadequacies. This brings only an iota of serenity to our life. 

We would feel shackled without knowledge and paralyzed without success. During each phase we should venerate our achievements and aim at timeless learning. Contentment brings security. A single choice is eventually not possible as every event has it’s own assets. We should not shift our priorities comprehensively to a single necessity of life. We need to put this puzzle together to suit ourselves and the people around us. We find before us a plethora of opportunities and responsibilities. We should respond according to the need of the hour. At the same time we need to circumscribe our materialistic desires. Our mind is liable to fall in love with the past experiences. This is what demotivates us. Ignoring our requirement in the present situation we force ourselves to feel depressed. We fail to appraise the beauty of any situation. Knowledge precipitates success, but success does not symbolize the deadline of attaining proficiency. Nothing can be equated to learning. 

Fortuitously we humans can acquire what we desire. Family, friends, knowledge, money, success!! We did not let go of any of these, but this property earns all the paramountcy from us once we feel we’re lacking it. At other times we don’t provide the sufficient relevance to whatever we own. Why? Why not luxuriate in the moments we spend in these phases? Why lead a life of grudge and greed? The situations around make us so. Just because we slay TIME in scrutinizing our stature and capabilities with others around, we have not yet understood it’s importance. Better than repenting later why not stay satiated with the food life serves us!


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