How many of us will like to sit and talk with each other? We are too busy, right!! Busy in this world of materialistic drama and fake emotions. Emotions attached with a simple conversation are now lost due to written texts. You don’t get to know my reactions to your messages. Will your enthusiasm to talk last when you face me? Not courageous enough! Would you have ever noticed those immediate reactions if it were not on a chat?

Do people even care about the incidents they claim to worry about online? By showing your support, you are of no help. Being a passive spectator to all events around is not the solution to any problem. And all this seems fine to you, doesn’t it. The way which does not show us our loss but pulls us down. 5000 people in your friend list who don’t give a shit about your life but simply sit and laugh at your problems. A new trend and everyone blindly follows that trend. We fail to notice the level of stupidity in that act of ours. We are hungry for publicity. We are not getting connected in any way. We are becoming a part of the inexpensive, but dumb practice of gaining attention. The society has become heedless to each others needs. 

Would you hug me when i need you? Would you call yourself my friend in all situations? 

Can we get out of this relationship with the virtual world? There is no stimulation when I text you but my energy boosts when I find you in front of me, talking to me.

There is no use telling the whole world every time how you feel or what you are listening to or where you are. Enjoy your favourite line in that song, go through the emotions instead of receiving fake condolences, smile at the beauty of the place you are in. Live in the moment. Make memories. Some things need to be stored in your heart instead of your phone gallery. Brain storage never gets full. Why are there so many meaningless jokes online? Exams have become a joke, friendship is a joke, love is a joke, education is a joke, career is a joke, gender equality is a joke. This was not what social networking was for. It was for advancement but it is pulling us backward. I never knew before that my looks matter so much to the world around. I never knew that people can pretend so much. Someone might seem pretty but not necessarily be so. Someone might look nerdy but not be one. We have locked up our brains in this newly created fantasy-filled world of ours where everything seems colourful but turns out to be dark in the long run.

Some conversations cannot happen on whatsapp. Some feelings can’t be expressed when you are not there. Distances might seem short but the shorter ones have transformed into quite long distances. A sense of augmenting loneliness is ruling the lives of people now. Claiming the fact that we have tons of friends is only bounded till the virtual world. Few exist out of this fence of social networking. This new world of ours has given birth to dual-faced people and uncontrollable arrogance amidst the youth. The internet is now a stage where everything put up seems to be absolutely stainless, but we are not realising that the emotional touch to everything is still missing. Emoticons are not enough to substitute the mood swings which any individual goes through. 

Expressing your sadness or happiness will not make me realise your presence. Your voice will do so. I need that adrenaline rush for me to experience the importance of human relations. Many messages are never sent. What you see is the covered side of me, with drained emotions and tough to break. The softer face lays peacefully deep down under layers of strength and individuality. The world demands me to be  mentally balanced and extremely practical. The original ‘ME’ is obliterated. This war of striving to fit into the image of a strong individual has made me lose my perspective of life. I repent for this irretrievable loss. I don’t wish to hide this side of mine, but I fear to make you feel bad. Things are instant now, but people no longer starve to meet their friends. We are a stock of impatient beings sitting to mark our existence in this materialistic world, just for the sake of our so called hobby nowadays. Those empty benches in the park call us. Those old dusty photographs wish to be framed. The slides cry to experience friction. The rain wets us no more. The internet is our leisure time. It has all our books. It knows everything. It is the dustbin of our emotions, still emotionless. Irony! Lacking the solution to problems. The internet should have displayed the good in you, but it has portrayed your fake side, unknowingly driving you into a virtual world of so-called caring. 

Things are missing from our lives. We have moulded it in support of the existent drama. Is this loss of the human touch in our lives recoverable? Come knocking to my door, I’m there, but I would never take you into the world of false hopes. That journey will introduce you to an ironically durable fairyland. The strings tying our hearts together has been replaced by this colourful shining world whose minor details seem rejuvenating, but it has poisoned the foundation of human emotions. Sadly, many of us are now stones which build the world, instead of carving reliability and love on us.


13 thoughts on “Lost

  1. I dont know why I cant press the like button here. But I’ll do that later.Some technical difficulties. I loved the way you penned this down . Yes I accept the fact we are lost in an abyss trying to find our way, its actually our curiosity which makes us hesitant of actually not unraveling the answers with the flow of time rather embarking in an expedition to know what fate has in store for us. Keep writing. And if you can, give my page a visit , would love some feedback. Thanks again . Cheers !

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  2. You are always marvelous…. But this one poked right through my heart Bae…. Love you sooo much n soo proud to have you as my best friend

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  3. It was something a true reflection of what we are becoming or I can say its the stupid trench towards which we are sliding, leaving all our senses and emotions aside. Because of this thing the human countenance has become virtually fake because we tend to serve only the good part in front of the world! Its really inevitable to use this social networking in a canny manner and not allowing it overpower humans!
    Cheers it was worth reading😊✌
    It would be great if you go through my indites as well. I would love to have your reviews😇

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