For the New Year

A new year…a new beginning… a new planning…a new dream…a new vow…and a new promise.

Today everyone’s eyes has those unfulfilled aspirations, which have found another door to pass through, another plan to implement and another road to find the happiness of fulfillment. Every 1st January we find immense pleasure and enthusiasm staining our veins. And every 31st December we promise to break all barriers of future.

Let’s make this year a year in which we will not repent and will find happiness in every existent event around us. Let us take a different resolution this year. You are your own motivator. And you are also your own demotivator. It is your brain and intellect which matters. A resolution to make the next 31st December a repentless year closing.

A year not made to hurt and a year for us.

Look around, find your passion and fall in love with it. Feel the air. Feel the deepness of life. You know your capabilities. Vibes of happiness and success will run through your soul. Chase yourself this year instead of chasing others. You know you have a lot and continue making yourself feel the same throughout the year. Let not such realisation ever dawn upon you that makes you feel lost and disconnected. Time doesn’t wait…and neither will it wait for you.

Love every thing connected with you …to experience happiness flowing through your blood!!!! Every phase of life has it’s own small significance. Forget none…but never permit the past mishaps hinder your progress.

12 months, 365 days and tons of opportunities, the ones which we will build this year. Maybe then nobody will have the courage to snatch your happiness and opportunities from you. Sometimes the hardest thing and the right things are the same…..and you cannot choose to deny it.

That small tear will not find it’s way down your cheeks.

2017 is chance to make you feel contented and satisfied on 31st December….. how pleasant will it be to walk into a new year with new wishes to dwell upon rather than fulfilling promises of the previous term….!!!!


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