Diving into EQUALITY- The words of a woman

Feminism is not the compulsion of the hour. Equality is!

The globe cannot operate without males and females. Moving forward TOGETHER is her propensity. Women don’t demand earmarked heed. Mutual understanding is what we call it!

Wait wait, we don’t need your protection, we don’t need reservations, we are not any minor category, neither do we desire to belong to any major category nor do we wish to take the society in the direction of empowering men someday. We don’t need empowerment but will not allow ourselves to be treated as a material. Just grant us the respect which was not considered worth being delivered to women. This is not an elegy trying to grab your attention.

Begging for empowerment proves women to be weak. They are the polymorphs of the society, strong enough to send you out of your senses. Stop isolating social duties. We have no right to assign responsibilities to various communities. Holy scriptures have never demonstrated the woman as needy or the man as extra powerful. A woman or a man is inbred with the potentiality to defend oneself. Spotting one’s abilities, relying on oneself and not being broken down by the hurdles of life are the bricks which establish the ABCs of a staunch individual.

Girls realize your potential. A gateway of exotic opportunities might be dying to seek your attention. Everyone is a fragment of the society. Coexisting without any sort of mean sentiments will proscribe all the malicious elements prevailing till date. These elements are the insubstantial superstitions defining the strengths and weaknesses of various sections of our society.

A woman can do anything which a man can. Why is there so much of fanaticism and publicity when a woman achieves? It is neither a miracle nor something impossible. She was never incapable and neither is she now. You were blind to her adequacies. These latent qualities were bounded until some considerable time. That does not cease women to achieve now and never do we wish to deny men their rights.

Transmute the angle of your inference. Achievers achieve! It is not a matter of special consideration if a woman does it or a man. We have no demands as we can fulfil it ourselves. The ultimate motive behind these lines is the coexistence of both males and females without any disparities or arguments. We cannot walk into a world which requires the re-establishment of notions of equality and empowerment of men. You can initiate a modulation in the society. Stand up for yourself. Unabridged cooperation is quintessential for a flawless society to become the present day truth.

Inspired by-

“Do not wait for someone else to come and speak for you. It’s you who can change the world”- Malala Yousafzai.

Don’t MANcriminate.

Don’t WOMANcriminate.

International Men’s Day – 19th November

International Women’s Day – 8th March


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