You Came

Broken was I from within. Shattered due to fake hopes and expectations. Little did I know I was wrong. I did not have you. I never knew you could make a difference.  I was moving forward in the inappropriate direction. Searching for happiness in those dry bushes, I never knew happiness resided somewhere else. Lost in false hopes I was moving towards darkness. Going somewhere from where nobody could have brought me back. I had moulded a fairyland of my own where imagination provided relief.

Endless tears and loads of depression surrounded me. I used to ask myself, “When will this torture end?”. I was drowning in an ocean of emotional turmoil where a usual life of forced actions was my only alternative. I never found any way to get out of that obsession. I thought, “Maybe this is the way I am destined to live”. Trusting humans was tougher than before because there was no one to heal those deep scars which my interior had faced. Lack of everything was felt except loneliness. Now this fairyland seemed hopeless. How long would this continue? I now needed to get out of all my stupidity and move ahead, because I should not have suffered but somehow I could not frame my emotions into a proper inclination. 
You came!!! Yes then you came like some sudden wave and splashed, taking away all those nightmares. You were the answer to my questions. You had the solution to my problems. I could be myself and you were never wrong. My life has changed, my friend, maybe due to your joyful existence. Words will fall short. Years will fall short to elucidate the bond we share. I don’t need an imaginary fairyland now. Yes, I believe now that good exists. My friend I have gone through a transformation. From zero self-confidence to someone who manages her self-respect. I wish you had come before but maybe the timing was perfect because the amount of importance you have gained now would not have happened if this had been before.

Now I trust. I trust destiny to keep us together in each others problems and happiness. I cannot imagine any day without you my friend. I have never found you to be separate because you have never let me go and I held on to you stronger than before. You are the artist of this strong person you see here today. Those scars are not visible and your smile has made me smile. ‘Forever’ is the only word I can mention!!!


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