How many of us will like to sit and talk with each other? We are too busy, right!! Busy in this world of materialistic drama and fake emotions. Emotions attached with a simple conversation are now lost due to written texts. You don't get to know my reactions to your messages. Will your enthusiasm to… Continue reading Lost

Diving into EQUALITY- The words of a woman

Feminism is not the compulsion of the hour. Equality is! The globe cannot operate without males and females. Moving forward TOGETHER is her propensity. Women don't demand earmarked heed. Mutual understanding is what we call it! Wait wait, we don't need your protection, we don't need reservations, we are not any minor category, neither do… Continue reading Diving into EQUALITY- The words of a woman

You Came

Broken was I from within. Shattered due to fake hopes and expectations. Little did I know I was wrong. I did not have you. I never knew you could make a difference.  I was moving forward in the inappropriate direction. Searching for happiness in those dry bushes, I never knew happiness resided somewhere else. Lost… Continue reading You Came