This speedy world has lost its visionary on building human relations, because it’s diving into virtual pleasures. Pleasures- which satisfy the conscious mind, but never drenches the thirst of the sub-conscious intellect or the heart. People are non-vocal and claim to be self-sufficient. Slowly, misconceptions have deepened their roots in human behaviour. The tendency to… Continue reading Fallacies



Are you the strong person you see everyday, or just your gameplan to escape torture??? We have submerged in the ocean of peer-competition to overcome our insecurities, constantly trying to prove ourselves to be intellectually able in front the world we hate afterall. Ultimately the whole game reverses and we kill ourselves just letting our… Continue reading Delusion


Don't you get that utmost desire to stay alone at times? Don't you feel like just crying loudly? At times, I can't find answers to questions. Life has left me perplexed. It has left me alone to deal with all the difficulties. When it turns out that you have no one to receive support from.… Continue reading Perplexed


I am suffering from adomania. Everyone is in a haste and I can see endless deserted roads stretching far before me. Time calls me to run faster, I fear to move forward faster than my pace. The clock is nefarious. Ephemeral existence of the day has shackled me. Jouska has left me with queries demystified.… Continue reading Zenosyme


Gone are those puerile days when musings weren't many and ease overflowed. When I enjoyed the petrichor, when a new era of hopes defined aurora and when I would nonchalantly bombinate tunes! Ethereal innocence ruled my veins that time. The blessedness of those days is unbelievably ineffable. This metanoia wasn't pleasure. Parents assuaged solitude and… Continue reading Hiraeth